Sample Newsletter

The first issue of The Puget Sound Economic Forecaster, a quarterly newsletter, was published in December 1993.

Each newsletter contains a summary forecast, in-depth discussion of the regional outlook, forecasts and analyses of retail sales and construction and real estate, a special topic (e.g., China and Population Change), a detailed forecast table, and the Puget Sound Index of Leading Economic Indicators.

To facilitate research and analysis on the regional economy, every issue of the newsletter is archived as a downloadable PDF file in the Subscriber Area. A comprehensive Subject Index of the archived newsletters has been developed to aid in the retrieval of information.

Newsletters are posted to the web site one to two weeks before the printed copy is mailed.

Download and read a sample newsletter from the Newsletter Archive:

What Matters? [Volume 14, Number 1, March 2006]
Did Airbus really win last year's skirmish over airplane orders? Excluding cancellations and conversions, the European airplane maker claimed that it booked 1,111 firm orders, 82 more than Boeing.