Special Topics

Appearing in every newsletter, articles on special topics are intended to increase the reader's understanding of how the Puget Sound economy works.

Past topics include regional growth, labor productivity, demographic trends, inflation, multipliers, entrepreneurs, and state and local taxes.

Web site subscribers currently have access to more than fifty special topics. Here are four examples drawn from the Special Topic Archive:

International Trade [Volume 5, Number 2, May 1997]
In 1995, foreign exports amounted to $28.2 billion, making Washington the most trade dependent state in the nation. Nearly one out of every four state jobs was directly or indirectly tied to international sales.

Housing Affordability [Volume 6, Number 1, February 1998]
A young couple finds their dream home, but it is financially out of reach. An association of realtors claims that housing prices have 'locked out' many buyers.

Economic Report Card [Volume 8, Number 1, February 2000]
As we turn the calendar to a new decade, we would like to offer an economic report card on the 1990s.

Regional Forecasting (3) [Volume 7, Number 3, August 1999]
Forecasting models, like automobiles, require periodic check-ups for optimal performance. This is our third reported evaluation of the prediction errors associated with the Puget Sound Economic Forecasting Model.