And the Model Says? – March 2020

As we prepared the final edits for this edition of the Forecaster, we began to feel a little like we could easily be in a position to never stop writing and inserting entirely new columns. The end of February and beginning of March have been something. Just when we thought Coronavirus would steal the economic show for a while, Russia and Saudi Arabia decide to pull the floor out of the oil market. There is quite a bit to be watching; that is for sure. We have reminded people a lot in the past four weeks that the market is not the economy. The economic numbers look relatively good - well, at least as they have been. Things continue to slow down. We launched a podcast (economists are seldom early adopters) this past quarter. We record approximately four weeks after we send the publication to print. We use these 30 minutes to expand on content and to update where we can. Look for it on our website. Be sure to follow us on social media! We post a wide range of stories every day that we think you should be reading.

Volume: 28 - Number: 0

Leading Index Title: Not All is as it Seems

Special Topic Title: Economic Vaccines


  • Hart Hodges
  • Josh Grandbouche
  • James McCafferty