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The Center for Economic and Business Research publishes the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster.  It is with great respect for the more than 20 years of history of this publication that we take the reins and we are deeply honored to have Conway Pedersen Economics entrust us with this publication.  Our intention is to continue the publication and expand its content and relevancy beyond the Puget Sound Region.

Our region’s economy is complex with relationships that span the state and beyond our borders in all directions.  In our economic forecast talks, which we give in different parts of the state, we often compare the forecast for the Seattle metro area and different regions. We plan to be able to do more comparisons in the future as we prepare forecasts for different workforce areas.

Understanding the economic implications is critical to decision making.  Understanding how the regions interact with each other is important as well.  We hope you will continue with us in your subscription to this important publication or join us if you have not subscribed before.

Subscriptions are available as print only or print and web access.  The traditions of the Forecaster website will continue – with much richer data and access to historical information.