Shaky Ground – December 2018

This time of year we are asked to do a lot of economic forecast and year in review talks throughout the state. It is interesting to talk with so many business leaders and policy makers as they consider the road behind and ahead. In preparing for these talks, and the Forecaster, we are reminded that much of the data we all rely on is subject to revisions, sometimes substantial, which makes presenting it as facts sometimes uncomfortable. We have a lot to be thankful for this year continued expansion, low unemployment, and stable inflation. Throw in family, friends and food and you have yourself a party. In this issue we explore many different attributes to the expansion, employment, and potential impacts to our region. You know Amazon, Boeing and housing are on our minds. We are launching a social media presence. In January we will email out links for you to follow us on your preferred social media platform. We read a lot of interesting articles and analyses each week and will start sharing out the best of this content in the New Year! From all of us at Western Washington University, we wish you the very best of the season.

Volume: 26 - Number: 4

Leading Index Title:

Special Topic Title: Labor Force and Population


  • Hart Hodges
  • Josh Grandbouche
  • James McCafferty

More Good Than Bad

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the nation created 295,000 jobs in February, driving the unemployment rate down to 5.5 percent, the lowest in seven years. Upon release of the employment numbers, the Dow plummeted 330 points. What gives?

Volume: 23 - Number: 1

Leading Index Title:

Special Topic Title: Washington Tax Structure


  • Dick Conway
  • Doug Pedersen