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Our Quarterly Newsletter filled with forecast data focused on the Puget Sound Region

Forecast Tables every quarter we publish a ten-year forecast for the Puget Sound region and each of its counties.

Access to Regional Indexes a composite index of seven leading regional economic indicators, is designed to signal in advance the upturns and downturns in the local economy.

A monthly report on current economic conditions in the Puget Sound region and the United States. Along with the monthly leading index, Current Economic Indicators enables one to continuously track the course of the economy.

A quarterly measure of residential real estate activity in the region. The index is composed of three indicators: home sales, time on the market, and the average closed sales price.

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Forecasting the Future
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Puget Sound Area

The Puget Sound Economic Forecaster is a quarterly newsletter published by the Center for Economic and Business Research at Western Washington University which acquired the publication in 2017 from its founders, Conway Pedersen Economics, Inc.

The newsletter and website are designed for business executives, marketing directors, investors, government managers, and researchers who need a professional and objective view on the economic prospects for the Puget Sound region (King County, Kitsap County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County).

Our goal is to provide accurate and well-reasoned forecasts for the region as well as clear and insightful observations on important developments in the economy.

We have found the quarterly forecasting tool and the Housing Market indexes particularly useful. The tools provided with this service give us the confidence we need to inform our residents. I endorse the Forecaster and look forward to continuing the service in the future.

DeWayne Pitts, CPA, CFE Finance Director, City of Bainbridge

The information in the Forecaster is current, the insights relevant, providing our bankers unique perspectives on the ever changing marketplace. The Forecaster helps us make informed decisions regarding economic and business risk.

Jay Iseman, Chief Credit Officer, HomeStreet Bank

I rely on the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster’s quarterly forecasts to project Community Transit’s revenues for our budget and long range plan. The Forecaster focuses on the Puget Sound region, which makes it a valuable source for local economic projections.

Mary Albert, Budget Manager; Community Transit

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant ramifications to global as well as state and local economies. As the only publication that focuses specifically on Kitsap County that I am aware of, we turned to the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster this year to assist with our financial budget forecasting.

DeWayne Pitts, CPA, CFE Finance Director, City of Bainbridge

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