Forecast Tables

Every quarter we publish a ten-year forecast for the Puget Sound region and each of its counties.

The forecast is produced with the Puget Sound Economic Forecasting Model, a regional econometric model that predicts 96 economic and demographic variables.

The detailed predictions are presented in two sets of tables: the Quarterly Forecast (predictions by quarter) and the Annual Forecast (predictions by year). In addition to the forecast tables, we provide a Summary Forecast report, which highlights changes to the forecast.

To assist users with their various analytical tasks (e.g., charting and forecasting), all forecast tables contain historical data back to 1970.

The forecast tables and summary report are posted to the web site two to three weeks before the printed copy of the newsletter is mailed.

Download Annual Forecast to see, as an example, the annual version of the September 2019 forecast.

Recent Forecast Tables